Hospice and palliative care is often the last step a person makes in the continuum of care. Your cash and billing for hospice services should not be the last step your organization makes.  If your organization isn’t handling hospice billing correctly, your cash flow is quickly being drained. As a cash intensive provider, quick and stable cash flow is the focus of a successful hospice organization.

Optima works with hospice providers to improve cash flow and make sure every claim gets billed – and paid. Navigating the complex requirements of Medicare, Medicaid programs and private insurance, hospice billing isn’t an afterthought.

Our team works with your EMR software to seamlessly integrate our services with your current operations.

Optima Billing provides your hospice with:

  • Regular revenue and cash reports.
  • Claim review before submission.
  • Daily processing of patient Notice of Elections (NOEs) & Notices of Termination/Revocations (NOTRs).
  • Cash posting within your EMR for true account receivable balances and agings.
  • Processing Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance claims.
  • Quarterly reports for Medicare.

We go above and beyond to integrate ourselves into your office’s existing policies and procedures. Your hospice can keep using the software that works the best for you and your staff. The EMRs we can work with include:

Netsmart MyUnity (McKesson), Axxess, Thornberry NDoc, Homecare Homebase, Careficient, KanTime, Casamba HealthWyse, Consolo, WellSky (Kinnser), Waystar / ZirMed

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