Is it time to outsource medical billing?

Billing Services

If you outsource medical billing it should be about more than just processing charges and claims. Optima Billing goes beyond by making sure you are fully reimbursed with as few adjustments as possible. Reporting is just as important so we make sure that your A/R is constantly updated at least daily by posting remittances and payments. We take it one step further and ensure your billing isn’t done just once a week, but daily or every other day based on your organization’s size and cash flow needs.

Collection Services

The ability for your organization to survive depends on its cash flow.  Collections is usually a pain point for many organizations but with Optima, it doesn’t have to be.  Focusing on a daily collection schedule of outstanding receivables is not only our standard, but what our reputation has been built on.

Consulting Services

Effective billing means we need to know how your organization operates.  We need to understand the workflow process you use and understand your organization’s policies and procedures.  Taking a proactive approach to back office and operational aspects of an organization allows us to go beyond billing and collections.  We can assist your organization with a multitude of additional services that include accounting and bookkeeping, operational support and tax support through our sister group, Tortolano & Company LLC.

Credentialing Services

All organizations require credentialing at some point in their history.  Whether it’s adding a new insurance company for the entire organization or adding individual providers to your established contracts with private insurers, Medicare or Medicaid, we have you covered.  Our staff are ready to assist in not only making sure providers are properly credentialed, but also maximizing reimbursement when it comes time for contract renewals.

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