Behavioral and mental health practices like yours face many unique challenges.  Billing is often more complicated than other specialties due to the complex nature of coding and compliance.  Practitioners often don’t have time to take away from clients and patients to fully devote enough time to stay on top of the constant changes. As a result, behavioral health practices can encounter problems with irregular cash flow while facing increasing administrative expenses.  There is a solution that will help your practice … Optima Billing Services LLC.

It’s amazing how much more you can achieve without the frustration of managing patient insurance billing; freeing your staff to focus on what matters.  Optima Billing has an industry-leading clean claim, first acceptance rate.  We carefully review denied claims and resubmit as needed. Your money will never be left on the table.  You will always receive the reimbursement that you earn, without the headaches!

Optima Billing welcomes all behavioral and mental health practices – large and small. From big facilities to the individual professional, we work with you to succeed. Every claim matters regardless of the charge. We fight for you and your practice!

All practices see significant gains from outsourcing their billing and collections. For a busy practice, individual claims can fall through the cracks.  Staff that you rely on to perform a variety of functions don’t have the time to spend an entire day dealing with just one insurance company, let alone multiple payers.

Don’t let your practice get caught up in a cycle of constant catch up! It’s time for you and your practice to get back to basics…focusing on delivering excellent patient care and growing your business.

Pre-billing audit to ensure clean claims that process the first time.

We ensure that claims accepted are processed during the first transmission to improve your practice’s cash flow.

Follow Up and Collection

Optima Billing tracks your money – from start to finish.  We pick up the phone, work claims electronically, and employ aggressive collecting methods to get your organization the reimbursement that you are entitled to! From Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance, co-pays and self-pay/private pay, we have your cash covered!

Cash Posting and Online Access to Data

Accurate outstanding claims aging are important, and so is the accuracy of your reports.  We post remittances and adjustments directly into your EMR/EHR.  Cash posting allows you to have real time access and information on what is happening with your practice’s accounts receivables.

Easy Integration with Your Practice’s Software and Procedures

We go above and beyond to integrate ourselves into your office’s existing policies and procedures. Your practice can keep using the software that works the best for you and your staff. The EMRs we can work with include:

Kareo, SimplePractice, Waystar / ZirMed, TherapyNotes, and more!

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With Optima Billing Services, Your Behavioral and Mental Health Practice Will Enjoy:

  • Prompt collections, fast payments, and no stress!
  • Round-the-clock access to your patient data and billing info. You are always in control, and you will always know where your money is!
  • Full financial and practice management reporting.
  • Peace of mind – knowing that billing is handled by best-in-class professionals. Your reimbursements and income will go up!

Contact us today to learn more so you can focus on clients and we’ll focus on getting you paid!