Like most physical therapy practices, your margins probably aren’t what they used to be. Between declining reimbursement, treatment limits and increasingly complex pre-authorization requirements, it’s incredible that most physical therapists can keep their doors open. You can’t take a chance with your practice’s cash flow. You don’t need another biller, you need a partner who understands your business and knows how important it is for you to get paid as soon as possible.

Fast Billing to Get You the Reimbursement that You Earned!

The Optima Billing difference is clear before your claims are submitted. A single physical therapy service can have many CPT codes, each with dramatically different reimbursement. We process your superbills quickly, but we don’t just push a button and hope for the best.

Most billing companies don’t care about you – they’re in the volume business, not the service business. Their inexperienced, underpaid staff will pick the code that is most likely to pay and rush off to the next claim so they don’t receive poor marks on their next performance review.

They don’t care about your practice or your livelihood.

They don’t care that even a small difference in reimbursement can make or break you during COVID lockdowns, or anything else that comes your way.

We put our money where our mouth is – you pay us a percentage of cash COLLECTED, not a percentage of cash billed.

We don’t get paid unless you do. You can rest assured that we pick up the phone, work with payers, and don’t let claims slip through the cracks. Whether it’s Medicare, Medicaid, or private pay, we know physical therapy and we get results you can spend.

Hit the Ground Running

Unlike other billing companies, there’s no complicated set-up or proprietary software required. We can work with your existing EMR, or we can provide one for you.

Optima Billing strives to integrate with your practice’s existing policies and procedures. You won’t have to waste countless hours training staff or doing a complicated software implementation. You will always have access to your data, and you are always in control.

We never forget that we work for you, you don’t work for us!

EMRs that we can work with include, but are not limited to: WebPT, TheraOffice, Clinicient, Practice Pro, MWTherapy, and Kareo

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Industry-Leading Customer Service

Our staff works in our office outside of Boston, MA. Our billers are not “working” from home at various hours of the day. We never outsource your billing to overseas contractors who “work behind the scenes.”

Your physical therapy practice is assigned a dedicated biller, who is available when you need them. You have a business to run – you don’t have time to wait on hold, talk to a sales rep (who can’t help) and wait to get a reply.

Go ahead . . . ask us hard questions. We have answers!

What are You Waiting For?

Call or email us to discuss your practice’s unique needs.

Whether you are a solo provider or operate a large physical therapy practice, we treat all our clients with the same respect and dedication to service. Stop sweating over unpredictable cash flow, Experience the Optima Billing difference today! Contact us now…