Optima Billing Services is the solution that physicians need. We bill Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance for physician group practices. With clients around the country, we never have to play “catch-up” with state and local payment demonstrations. We can help your practice adapt and grow when the rules change, and you can rely on our experienced staff as a resource to help you navigate the changing healthcare landscape. We deliver comprehensive revenue cycle management. It’s not enough to get paid – your physician group practice needs to have reliable revenue without big swings from month to month.

Unlike our competition, Optima Billing Services:

  • Never outsources your practice’s billing to contractors or overseas workers.
  • Never locks your practice into a multi-year contract. We don’t have to use shady tactics to keep our clients around.
  • Uses your existing EMR software – you always have access and you are always in control.
  • We bill our clients based on what we collect, not based on what we bill. We put our money where our mouth is – we don’t get paid unless you do!
  • Cash is posted as remittances are received. You will always know where your money is in real time.
  • We are available when you need us. Call or email when a question needs an answer!
  • We provide billing and collections reports to assist with monitoring progress!

Our staff works together in our office located in New Hampshire. We pride ourselves on continuous education and stay ahead of the curve so you are never caught by surprise when payers change the rules.

Many physician group practices are used to difficult claims “slipping through the cracks.” Not with Optima Billing Services. Our staff isn’t afraid to pick up the phone and go after the difficult money. We are a locally-owned business with a national footprint that keeps getting bigger because we deliver results that you can spend.

It’s time to get off the hamster wheel of recruiting, training, or outsourcing to third parties with poor results. Get cutting edge, personalized service delivered the old-fashioned way. Give us a call today and get your practice back on track!