Important Update from Commonwealth Care Alliance (CCA): All CCA In-Network Home Health Agencies Must be Medicare Certified by January 1, 2023!

The Commonwealth Care Alliance (CCA) has announced that all in-network home health agencies must become Medicare certified by January 1, 2023. If your agency is already Medicare certified you should reach out to CCA to confirm that they have your certification on record. If not, you have a big decision to make.

Becoming Medicare certified can bring many new patients to your agency, but can also bring compliance headaches, difficulties with billing and reimbursement, and significant changes to the way you run your agency. If you would like to discuss the process and the pros and cons of becoming Medicare certified with industry-leading professionals who serve home health agencies across the country, please give us a call today!

Below is the full text of the announcement from the Commonwealth Care Alliance:

“In an effort to align our network with our compliance standards, Commonwealth Care Alliance, Inc. (CCA”) is requiring that all home health agencies (“HHAs”) in the CCA provider network, become Medicare certified by January 1, 2023.”

“HHAs who wish to remain in the CCA network for this service must comply with this request.  For guidance on the certification process, HHAs can can click here. Providers are asked to notify the CCA Contracting department at the email address below at the bottom of this letter once Medicare certification has been achieved.”

“HHAs who do not wish to become Medicare certified must inform CCA Contracting department as soon as possible, and no later than October 1, 2022. A roster of members who require home health services will be transferred to a Medicare certified vendor at that time. Additionally, HHAs that are not certified will have their home health aide services contract terminated no later than December 31, 2022.”

“All contracted HHA providers, certified or not, can continue to serve CCA members until December 31, 2022.”

“Should you have questions, please reach out to”