MassHealth is Taking Steps to Improve Access to Behavioral Health Services with Telehealth

MassHealth has issued a new All Provider Bulletin explaining the 2019 expansion of telehealth services. Per All Provider Bulletin 281:

“Effective January 1, 2019, Community Health Centers, Community Mental Health Centers,
and Outpatient Substance Use Disorder providers (provider types 20, 26 and 28) may
deliver the following covered services via telehealth.

  • All services specified in 101 CMR 306.00 et seq.; and
  • The outpatient services specified in the following categories of 101 CMR 346.04.
    o Opioid Treatment Services: Counseling;
    o Ambulatory Services: Outpatient Counseling; Clinical Case Management; and
    o Services for Pregnant/Postpartum Clients: Outpatient Services

Providers must include the Place of Service (POS) Code 02 when submitting a claim for
services delivered via telehealth.

Rates of payment for services delivered via telehealth will be the same as rates of payment
for services delivered via traditional (e.g., in-person) methods set forth in the applicable

Providers may not bill MassHealth a facility fee for distant or originating sites.”

Read the full bulletin here.