Updated COVID-19 Vaccine Guidance for All Applicable Medicare & Medicaid-Certified Providers

CMS is replacing previous COVID-19 vaccine guidance (QSO memoranda 22-07-ALL Revised, 22-09-ALL Revised, and 22-11-ALL Revised) and is revising the interpretive guidance for all provider types found in Attachments A through N. The revisions address frequency of review of the Staff Vaccination requirements, as well as Immediate Jeopardy, Condition-level and actual harm determinations to ensure that deficiency citations recognize good faith efforts by providers/suppliers.

CMS expects all providers’ and suppliers’ staff to have received the appropriate number of doses of the primary vaccine series unless exempted as required by law, or delayed as recommended by CDC. Facility staff vaccination rates under 100% constitute noncompliance under the rule. Noncompliance does not necessarily lead to termination, and facilities will generally be given opportunities to return to compliance. For example, a facility that is noncompliant and has implemented a plan to achieve compliance would not be subject to an enforcement action.

ALL PROVIDERS: Click here to access the updated COVID-19 Vaccine Guidance from CMS. Navigate to the relevant “attachment” for your provider/facility type for details that are relevant to your organization.